Polye aligns with O’Neill for top post

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The National, Thursday July 26th, 2012

DON Polye yesterday admitted he had wanted to be the prime minister going to the elections but had to submit to the will of the people and the power of the constitution.
So saying Polye committed his Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party’s six elected members and those who might be declared in the near future to supporting outgoing Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s candidacy to remain in the top post.
“You will have realised that I put my hands up to form the government in case PNC did not have the numbers,” he said.
“The numbers show that PNC has the mandate.
“The Organic Law on Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates is very clear that the party with the biggest number can form government.
“I accept defeat. Let us not work on speculation.  We have to go down to the reality and say PNC. That is a fact.
“There is no vendetta. We will supply the numbers to work in the interest of PNG. We believe in family values, in the youth and in honest government.”
Another man who has put his hand up for the PM’s post, Enga Governor Peter Ipatas, also submitted to the supremacy of the people’s mandate yesterday when he pledged his three declared MPs to O’Neill.
Said Ipatas: “We realise that the people have given the PNC the mandate to lead this country. He is a very capable PM who can deliver for the people.
“He needs government that is stable so that he delivers services for the country instead of playing politics and watching his back all the time.”
Hela’s first governor-elect, Anderson Agiru, said while pledging his four People’s United People’s Assembly MPs: “We have fought to defend the will of the Constitution. Now the Constitution has spoken.
“The country was divided. We had a divided public service. We had a divided police force. We had a divided army. We have to respect the rule of law and the will of the Constitution. As a group from the former Opposition (Sir Michael Somare’s camp) we are now aligned to form government.”
Our Development Party’s lone leader, Abau MP Dr Puka Temu summed up the comments: “I believe this country deserves a government of unity and reconciliation.
“As we move towards an era of prosperity, the country needs stability. The people are happy with the policies of the prime pinister. Once mandate is granted by the people there must be little politics.”