Polye appeals for peace and calm during counting

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The National, Wednesday July 4th, 2012

TREASURER Don Polye is encouraging the people of Enga and elsewhere in Papua New Guinea not to resort to violence and lawlessness during the elections counting period.
“I call for peace to endure during this time of counting of votes across the country,” Polye, the Triumph, Heritage and Empowerment (T.H.E) Party leader, said.
“I am saddened to learn that lives have been taken during this time, and I pass my condolences to those families who have lost loved ones over the election period.”
Polye’s statement comes following police reports that a husband and wife from his Kandep electorate were killed and their bodies thrown into a river and a man from Kandep was killed in Wabag.
“We must create a conducive environment for democracy to prevail, and peace and harmony to flourish,” Polye said.
“I too have lost four relatives whose lives have been taken by election-related violence perpetuated through rogue leadership by persons pretending to be worthy candidates who act like criminals encouraging violence and loss of life. 
“Despite this loss to my family, I strongly call for an end to any more violent acts. 
“Those responsible for inciting and supporting election-related violence must be dealt with severely by the police force. 
“The police and other armed forces on the ground must be proactive to prevent any further violence or killings. 
“I call on the Electoral Commission to speed up counting so it can take place simultaneously for all electorates and not some ahead of others.”
Polye appealed further to newly-elected members of parliament, whether members of political parties or independents, to act responsibly and with principles to form a new government founded on honesty, integrity, transparency and sincerity to serve the people in a just and fair manner. 
“All leaders must take the initiative to foster a culture that does not tolerate or encourage violence,” he said.
The counting of votes started yesterday in Wabag, Enga province.