Polye: Be wary of people with bad motives

National, Normal

The National Thursday, 26th January 2012

THE Public Service Commission and Department of Personnel Management have been told to watch out for people with ulterior motives trying to force changes to senior public service positions.
Treasurer and Finance Minister Don Polye said such individuals were only doing it for their own good – not for Papua New Guinea and its people.
He said stability in the public service was of paramount importance “if we are to progress as a nation”.
“With the general election around the corner, it is becoming apparent that certain individuals and groups are going around soliciting support from politicians and other people of influence to effect changes in the occupation of public offices.
“These people are targeting offices that are perceived to be strategic in maintaining power and resources to fund election-related activities this year. This is wrong and must be condemned,” Polye said.
“I urge every person in positions of influence to be sensible and not give in to the demands of such corrupt individuals or groups.
“Changes should only be made on just and reasonable grounds and not for political convenience.”
He said there were recent moves by certain politically-aligned individuals to change senior public servants at either the district or provincial level, or both.
Polye particularly appealed to young officers recently appointed by the O’Neill-led government to positions of authority to capitalise on this privilege and not destroy their careers by entangling themselves in politics.
“You have been entrusted to play an important role in stabilising your respective administrations and to ensure prudent and efficient delivery of government services to the people you serve.
“The O’Neill-led government has collectively made appointment decisions in the best interests of the people.  Therefore, politically-motivated individuals and groups must not use the government’s good name for their own selfish interests.
“I will not hesitate to call in Task Force Sweep or any other appropriate body to investigate and prosecute any persons involved in such arrangements.”