Polye calls on public servants to improve services

National, Normal

The National- Monday, February 7, 2011

 MEMBER for Kandep and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Immigrations Don Polye has called on public servants to improve their performances and deliver services to the people.

Polye said this when commending on the Kandep district school fee subsidy programme for students attending tertiary institutions last Friday. 

“The willingness and desire to serve the people is something of the past among public in the country. Slackness in the public service is now a common trend which needs a complete overhaul so the people are served better.

“Many public servants have a no-care attitude and are slack and inefficient in implementing government polices and directives. 

“They are occupying positions where they can not perform their duties resulting in many rural communities being denied basic government services,” Polye said.

He said that he was not impressed with the performance of the public servants in the country and particularly his Kandep district.

“The Kandep district education subsidy programme was approved 12 months ago by the joint district planning and budget priority committee under his leadership but was very slow,” he said.

Polye said he was a policy maker and could not go around distributing the cheques to students.

However, people at the district administration had been slack and inefficient in implementing directives and policies to see development in the district.