Polye deserved to be dumped

Letters, Normal

The National – Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I WOULD say former deputy prime minister Sir Puka Temu is a true leader.
I commend him for moving to the opposition after realising the government was not serving the people.
As a leader representing the people, he decided to do the right thing despite holding the nation’s second highest post.
For that, I thank Sir Puka for standing up to what is right and his conscience and he must be commended.
On the other hand, Don Polye decided to remain with the government for reasons known only to him.
While he was rewarded for that by becoming the deputy prime minister, it was short-lived.
Polye has never once opposed the prime minister.
Again, for reasons known only to him though it was obvious to others.
Polye had claimed he was a close friend of Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare.
If that was true, why was he dumped as deputy prime minister just days before Sir Michael stepped aside?
He is now claiming he still has the support of the current leadership and the highlands bloc.
I can only hope he is right.
When he indeed had the full support of the highlands NA bloc, he should have acted.
He failed to do that and is now left to nurse his wounded pride.
I would like to commend former forests minister Belden Namah and tourism minister Charles Abel for giving up their ministerial portfolios to stand up for what is right.
Our MPs must always fight for what is right, just like Sir Puka, Namah and Abel.

Silent Tongo
Hidden Valley