Polye: Expect change

National, Normal

The National, Monday 20th May 2013


SOUTHERN Highlanders have been told that they will see a lot of changes under the current government.

Treasury Minister Don Polye told the people of Mendi district last Saturday that due to mismanagement in the past the people did not see development and other changes in their districts.

Polye said the current government had tight control over public funds by putting more money into the districts for development.

“Your open member will receive K50 million in district services improvement programme (DSIP) funds over a five-year period to deliver goods and services,” he told the people.

He added that in order to benefit from the goods and services, they must lay down their arms and create conducive environment for public servants to move around and do their work.

Polye said that tribal fights and other law and order problems would prevent government from delivering goods and services to them.

“If you want services, lay down your arms and work closely with the public servants and your local MP to deliver much-needed goods and services,” he said.

He told the people that the ground breaking ceremony for the Asian Development Bank-funded Mendi-Tambul road would be held in September or October.

Polye urged the people not to demand compensation on improvements along the road and allow contractors to work freely.

“You can’t get compensation and at the same time benefit from the good road network,” he said.

The minister commended Mendi MP and Works and Implementation Vice-Minister De Kewanu for giving first priority to the infrastructure developments in his electorate.