Polye: I’m with NA

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The National- Monday, January 10, 2011

 DEPUTY parliamentary of National Alliance Highlands Don Pomb Polye has broken his silence on his political allegiance, saying yesterday that he remains a committed member of the party.

Polye, dumped as deputy prime minister last month and relegated to Foreign Affairs, Trade and Immigration minister, also condemned actions of members within the NA camp who may have created the potential of destroying the party.

He did not name them.

“I would, as I had always, strive to uphold the policies, visions, goals and aspirations of the National Alliance – a party which I have helped, in humble ways, to establish and develop into the institution that it is today.

“Contrary to rumours, which have been deliberately concocted by my political rivals and their cohorts, I do not see the wisdom in me leading factions of NA to the opposition to form a new government.”

Polye, who lost the number two top post and Works ministry to Wabag MP Sam Abal, said that as a pioneer member of the NA, he urged colleague deputy parliamentary leaders of NA, members of the parliamentary wing, executive members, foundation members and supporters of the party not to ever consider abandoning the party.

“I condemn the actions and inactions of some within or outside the party who may have created the potential for disintegration of the party as I will not allow the disintegration of NA.

“I stand to ensure the party’s constitution, code of ethics, norms and practices are strictly adhered to as required by the Organic Law on political parties and the PNG constitution.”

As he made his position known, acting Prime Minister Sam Abal will meet with governors today to discuss the 2011 budget implementation at Crowne Plaza.

Last Friday, he met departmental heads and heads of state-owned enterprises to plan how to implement and K9.3 billion budget.

He stressed that he wanted this year to be a year of implementation.