Polye safe from challenge over election win

National, Normal

THE candidates whom Works, Transport and Civil Aviation Minister Don Polye defeated in the Kandep by-election are not disputing his win in court.
The 40-day period the candidates had to file any dispute in the court of disputed returns has lapsed.
“I guess they respect the mandate of the people. It can’t be spoken louder enough,” he said of his big win in the by-election in December.
Mr Polye trounced his rivals to win with more than 50% of the primary votes, reinforcing his win in the 2002 general elections which was annulled by the National Court, prompting the by-election.
“All odds were with them. They had the chance to beat me. I had an insurmountable mountain to climb, and I made it. I think they accept my victory. The mandate is the people’s. I’m elected to serve them, and I need the support of everyone, including the unsuccessful candidates, to bring change to Kandep,” he said.
Mr Polye is expected to be restored to the deputy leadership of the National Alliance party next month. Education Minister James Marape, who currently holds the post, is expected to relinquish it back to Mr Polye.