Polye should form his own party

Letters, Normal

The National – Thursday, June 16, 2011

AS a political observer, I believe Don Polye is eligible for the country’s top job.
I say this for the following reasons:
* He has never been investigated or faced any leadership tribunal;
* He is respectful, faithful and committed to the NA party and the government;
* He is not a political yoyo unlike several so-called NA leaders; 
* He is very decisive; 
* He is a politician who is not a political opportunist although there were times when the people expected him to grab the opportunities; and
* His weaknesses and strengths have been tested many times through by-elections, ministerial re­shuf­fles and the recent sacking.
For now, he has become a victim of power-hungry individuals.
It is unfortunate the acting prime minister has allowed himself to be made use of by others.
I hope he can foresee what will happen.
No one owns the NA party and no one has ancestral right over the prime minister’s post.
The advice to Polye is if he is not wanted in NA, he should leave and start his own political party.
There are many young aspiring and like-minded politicians who want to make concrete changes for PNG.
There are many who are not cash-rich but have brains to turn the economy of this country around within 10 years.
Polye needs to identify this generation of leaders, invite them into his political party and lead them to the elections next year.


Tamban RPG
Port Moresby