Polye tells rivals to work with him

National, Normal

OUSTED Kandep MP Don Polye has invited his political opponents to work with him if he regains the Kandep Open seat.
Mr Polye told a political rally in Kandep on Wednesday that he forgave those who were behind the disruption of his rally in Mt Hagen last Saturday.
He said he also forgave those who attacked his supporters at Sakarip village outside Wabag this week, and those who tried to burn down the vote counting centre in Kandep.
Mr Polye said for the good of the district, he would invite his political opponents to come and work closely with him to develop the district.
He said some candidates were saying that the roads and rural hospital he built in the district were not good and they would tear them down when they win.
He said these people would not serve the people’s interests.
Mr Polye said he spent K37 million to build roads, health centres, rural hospital, classrooms, libraries, bridges and supporting agricultural activities in the district to improve the lives of the people.
He said doomsayers had predicted that the Prime Minister did not support him and would not attend his rally.
He said the presence of the Prime Minister and other ministers and guests proved them wrong.
Polling in Kandep would commence on Nov 16.