Polye: we must be ‘up to speed’

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KANDEP MP Don Polye, who has retained his Works, Transport and Civil Aviation portfolio, said his priorities include reviving the public service, under his domain, up to speed with globalisation and technology to achieve objectives.
His concern was that the public service had become too complacent and did not have the drive to push development.
“We must now change. It is serious. We must re-culture, re-mould, and re-direct our focus.
“Let us visualise the future with more determination and drive, and achieve our aims more aggressively,” he added. 
The driving factor behind Mr Polye’s call was that with PNG LNG and other developments that were taking shape to transform PNG, the public sector must be equipped to carry the nation forward.
To ensure his vision for a modern public service and modern nation is achieved, he will embark on:
l Legislative reform to bring the transport sector up to speed;
l A restructure exercise for transport sector agencies;
l Ensuring the Civil Aviation Authority, its operations and its commercialisation programme is complacent and achieved without delay;
l Addressing managerial issues with the National Maritime Safety Authority; 
l On ensuring the restoration of the PTB and architecture and building sections, under the Works Department are looked at;
l Ensuring all transport current infrastructure projects, new projects, capital projects and rehabilitation projects under implementation are assessed and ensure works are expedited;
l Accomplishing the review of the National Transport Development Plan to ensure medium and long term goals are in line with the Government’s strategic vision 2050; and
l Studying the 2010 budget to apply allocated funds appropriately for the development sector.
Mr Polye said the works, transport and civil aviation sectors were pivotal to nation building and would play an important role in realising the dreams of the PNG LNG project and other developments.