Polye withdraws Supreme Court application

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OUSTED Kandep MP Don Polye has formally withdrawn the application filed in the Supreme Court to challenge his dismissal from office.
The case was withdrawn at Waigani on Tuesday, Mr Polye said yesterday.
He said his lawyer Paulus Dowa would advise all relevant parties soon.
He said he would prepare to go straight to the by-elections.
He said four different lawyers advised him that there were three main grounds he could rely on to review the National Court decision to dismiss him, but he did not want to do that although there was “high probability of success”.
He said he respected and accepted the court’s decision to go for a by-election.
Mr Polye said after the result of the by-election was known, he would seek a Supreme Court reference on the National Court’s decision to nullify his win.
He claimed that there were some errors that needed to be corrected, otherwise, these would be detrimental to future elections using the Limited Preferential Voting (LPV) system.
President John Yakka from the Kandep LLG said yesterday afternoon that the people wanted Mr Polye to go for a by-election to show the court and the people that the allegations that were raised to remove him was wrong.
President Tum Akyala from Wage LLG said people actually voted Mr Polye in the last election and not through foul play.