Polygamy a form of violence, says ENB woman leader

Islands, Normal

The National, Tuesday 21st May 2013

 POLYGAMY is a form of violence against women, a businesswoman in East New Britain says.

Rosemary Sovek, owner of Rabaul Consultancy and Services, said while addressing the Woolnough Vocational School during the national haus krai last Wednesday polygamy was a silent killer of women.

“It is a silent killer. Men having more than one wife or having numerous sex partners have caused many women to die from depression,” Sovek said.

She said marriage was an institution highly regarded and blessed by God and urged men to respect their wives.

“I am against it and all women should too. It is against the law of God,” Sovek said.

She also called on all schools in the province to push for a by-law restricting female students from dressing indecently to attract male attention.

“It is important for female students and women in the province to present themselves appropriately and decently,” she said.

‘You are not respecting our Tolai customary rules like what we did in the past. We had to wear dresses and blouses to school, work and  at home as a sign of respect to our brothers and male cousins. 

“We need to get back to the basics,” she said.

Sovek said while the focus was on females, it was also vital that males were also victims of violence.

“There has to be self-control and respect in marriage and in any relationship whether it is at home, at the work place or anywhere. Keep your hands to yourself,” she said.