POM hospital unable to handle load

National, Normal

The National, Friday 10th May 2013

 PORT Moresby residents are being urged to go to the nearest urban clinic during the day if they need medical attention.

This is because the Port Moresby General Hospital Accidents and Emergency Unit does not have the capacity to cater for the increased population in the city.

The hospital’s director for medical services Dr David Mokela told The National that although the facilities had been improved, the equipment was not enough to cater for the increase in population.

“I believe the medical staff at the Accidents and Emergency Unit have been turning patients away afterhours because there is not enough space as well as hospital equipment,” he said.

“We are currently waiting for more beds and other vital emergency equipment.” 

Dr Mokela said the shortage of nurses and doctors had also put a strain on the limited number of medical staff on duty.

He said the hospital management would be meeting with the accident and emergency unit staff to clarify the situation.

On the spread of Chikungunya and the dengue fever viral illnesses,Dr Mokela urged everyone having the symptoms to go to the nearest clinic during the day for treatment.

“I advise that it is best to access your nearest urban clinics for treatment during the day because you might be turned away at the emergency unit after hours.

“With the increased population, I hope the main urban clinics in the city apart from St John’s clinic at Gerehu will also open after hours to cater for the growing population.” he said.

Dr Mokela said the idea to have the clinics at 6-Mile, Lawes Road and Gordons operate for 24 hours was still being looked into.