POM youth in Aust

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MORE than 100 Seventh-Day Adventist youths from Central Papuan Conference (CPC) are currently in Sydney, Australia, to attend the Greater Sydney Adventist Youth Conference (SAYC)
The last lot of the group left Port Moresby yesterday following an invitation from the director of SDA youth ministry in Sydney, Pr Cheonneth Strickland.
This is the first time PNG youths have been invited to join their Australian counterparts for the annual conference on Sept 19-27.
The invitation came following Pr Strickland’s visit to Port Moresby last year to celebrate the CPC annual youth congress held at Boredoa in Rigo, Central province.
According to youths, Pr Strickland was impressed with his stay and experience during the two-week programme, that he invited the young people to join him.
Pr Strickland had invited the youths to participate in a youth rally on Sept 19 and youth revival on Sept 20-24.
“The youth revival will be at one of my local churches here in Sydney and will happen every 7pm,” he said.
The actual conference, he said, would be held on Sept 25- 27 where CPC youth from zone two (Port Moresby North West) are expected to sing in a choir.
“This is a live-in camp where there are bunk rooms which can hold up to eight people in a room with toilets and showers in a room,” he added.
Young people take part in worship and attend workshops during the conference.
Pr Strickland said a speaker from Denmark Pr Bobby Bovell would be speaking to the young people during the conference.
Zone two secretary, Meggy Panda, said the youths had arranged and paid for their own travel to Australia.