Pomat urges people to accept result

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The National, Thursday July 12th, 2012

MANUS province has been peaceful and orderly after its two new MPs were announced on Tuesday.
They are Charlie Benjamin for governor and Ronny Knight as MP.Defeated Manus MP Job Pomat went on the local radio station accepting defeat and urged his people to accept the decision, saying the people had spoken through the ballot box that they wanted new leaders.He congratulated the two leaders and urged the people to remain calm and orderly.There was a build-up of people from the Rossun area where Pomat hails from at the beachfront near the Sahat counting centre on Tuesday but police managed to disperse them.There were celebrations as vehicles carrying the two new MPs and their supporters travelled around the town.New Guinea Islands divisional police commander Chief Supt Anthon Billie said there had been no reports of criminal activities from Manus since the declarations of the two winners.He said police officers would remain in the province until the end of the month to monitor the