Pomat welcomes Konivaro back as Parliament Clerk

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VELA Konivaro has been sworn back in as the Clerk of Parliament after a court ruled last Friday
that his suspension in 2014 was wrong.
Parliament Speaker Job Pomat welcomed him back yesterday and urged everyone to work together and restore the integrity of Parliament at administrative level and as the political arm of the Government.
“I am happy that Konivaro is now being reinstated as Clerk of Parliament. Acting clerk Kala Aufa will now resume his job as the deputy clerk,” Pomat said.
Konivario was appointed Clerk in 2013 but was dismissed the next year over allegations of misconduct.
His term is expected to expire in April next year.
He promised to work with Speaker Job Pomat to restore integrity and order in Parliament.
“I am pleased to come back and resume as clerk after almost four years,” Konivaro said.
He said the important thing was for everyone to work together in ensuring that the plans of the government were implemented successfully.

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