POMGH’s A&E unit incompetent, unprofessional

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the letter “POMGH is a very sick patient” (March 17) by a concerned parent.
These doctors and nurses at the A&E unit not only have an attitude problem but also lack the professional ethics and expertise.
They have been bestowed the trust and confidence to attend to all emergency cases at A&E irrespective of the types of sickness or injury.
I was also a victim of these incompetent and lazy “professionals” at A&E.
I was rushed in an ambulance with severe injuries on my forehead and losing blood from the open wound.
I was screaming for help but was ignored and left to bleed on the steel bed.
I was unable to call my family because my mobile phone was lost during the accident.
I had to beg the doctor on duty to call my wife, promising to pay him back.
Instead I was told to pay first before he would call my wife.
Then he left me and disappeared.
I kept begging for assistance from other patients and public, and finally a Samaritan stepped forward and called my wife.
There were no doctors or nurses when my family turned up and they made an urgent decision to send me to PIH.
Upon arrival at PIH, I was attended to immediately.
The staff was professional and they soon had my dire situation under control.
If my family had not made that bold decision to refer me to PIH, I would not be sharing my traumatic experience with you.
POMGH is a dead trap as far as I am concerned.
I call on the management to address this problem immediately and discipline, including terminating, these so-called professionals.
The board, led by Sir Brian Bell, must seriously consider a total revamp.


Concerned taxpayer
Port Moresby