POMGH needs a good manager at its helm

Letters, Normal

THE current debate over the Port Moresby General Hospital’s chief executive officer position is interesting as qualities of our leaders are exposed during their arguments.
I refer to the letter by president of National Doctors Association Dr Kauve Pomat explaining why the NDA is against the appointment of the CEO (Oct 7).
I agree that health is a technical sector and needs professionals on the job.
But at the same breath, health is also a common sense sector where we need a responsible person with wisdom and good judgement.
We have two kinds of people in every profession in the world:
i. Intelligent and highly technical but lacking good common sense and judgement; and
ii. Intelligent and highly technical and wise.
Dr Pomat, which category do you belong? 
Wisdom is something you cannot attain in school but God given.
I am not the health professional but after analysing the situation, I have to support Health Minister Sasa Zibe’s call for a good manager, and not necessary a health professional, as CEO of POMGH.
“Good manager” was the catch word in his bid to resolve outstanding issues at POMGH.
He heard the people’s cry for an improvement in health service delivery. 
The newly appointed CEO, Sam Vegogo, is a manager with managerial and administrative skills. 
It is a fact he is not a health professional and no one disputes that.
But we will be able to measure his productivity as time goes on. 
His appointment is proper and legal as confirmed by the Department of Personnel Management secretary John Kali (The National, Sept 25).
Therefore, I call on all health professional to work with Mr Vegogo and make POMGH the true premier hospital of PNG.


Win Yapolo
Port Moresby