Pomio accounts for use of K5.3 million


POMIO district in East New Britain has presented its acquittal report for K5.3 million received under the log export development levy (LEDL) to the Government.
Pomio MP and Minister for Public Service Elias Kapavore handed over the report to Prime Minister Peter O’Neill witnessed by the Forestry Minister Douglas Tomuriesa during the opening of the district administration office complex at Palmalmal.
Kapavore said the K5.3 million was spent on the new office building, Marmar-Pakie road, Auona road and other projects, and the acquittal report was to inform the Government through the forestry minister how the district had used the money.
Kapavore stressed that accountability was important and it was a concern that many did not report back on how they have used money received from the Government.
“We must report properly on how we use money from the national Government and donor partners and improve accountability and good governance at district level,” he said.
“Do not ask for money from the Government when you cannot account for it well.”

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