Pomio people need answers

Letters, Normal

VARIOUS projects happening in Pomio, East New Britain province, do not make sense. I hope appropriate processes were followed in approving these projects.
Recently, the local MP embarked on a “handout” drive, “donating” iron roofing and water tanks to four LLGs, a first for an MP from Pomio. When are we going to bring in projects that will make our people independent?
A number of ships have been bought, for what purpose, I do not know because they don’t seem to be serving the whole of Pomio coastal ports. We wonder whether these vessels received National Maritime Authority clearance for seaworthiness prior to purchase and who owns them?
I travelled by an outboard motor boat from Kokopo to Pomio last month, passing one of these vessels which, I learnt later, was a ferry which was bought as a cargo boat to work the accident-prone Pomio coastlines. I also learnt that its engine caught on fire recently around the Guma area.
The people need a passenger boat because last year saw many loss of lives on the Pomio coastlines as people took the risk, travelling by outboard motor boats home and to Kokopo – this is apart from Peter Sharp’s passenger vessels’ monthly service.
Various Catholic parishes in Pomio were given substantial amounts of money and some also given to SDA churches. The idea of helping churches is very well supported however, Catholic expenditure normally come out from the diocese treasury to various parishes based on spending requirements. Can Paul Tiensten clarify why he gave so much money to the parishes rather than through the East New Britain Catholic diocese treasury?
The people want to know why K4 million was allocated for the Uvol ring road upgrade. Why so much for a ring road that runs around from the Catholic parish to the village of Uvol and back.
What has happened to the jetty that was promised to my people in Uvol during the 2007 elections?


Ignatius Papenga,
Via email