Pomio ward winners declared

National, Normal

The National, Friday July 26th, 2013

 FOUR out of a total of five local level government wards in Pomio district have declared the winners of the presidential seats.

While other LLGs in East New Britain had began polling and counting on schedule, Pomio was delayed because of the adverse weather condition.

Sinivit was the first LLG in the district to declare its president Levi Orong, who ousted president and deputy governor Boniface Setavo.

East Pomio LLG saw president Ereman Yareng re-elected.

West Pomio Mamusi LLG declared its president Simon Painap on Wednesday after the final eliminations concluded.

Painap, a former president was leading the pack of eight candidates since the primary counts. He beat sitting president Dominic Kananaelu.

The new president for Melkoi is Sylvester Oromo, who was declared on Wednesday.

He said among 14 candidates who contested, sitting president Francis Bogajim did not re-contest the seat this year.