POMRFU accepts PNG Rugby decision

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The National, Wednesday 5th September, 2012

A DIRECTIVE issued by the Papua New Guinea Rugby Football Union early this year  stands as the catalyst for why Port Moresby Rugby Football Union players will not be part of the National Provincial Rugby Union Championships next weekend.
PNGRFU operations manager Sailosi Druma confirmed this yesterday.
“A directive was issued by the PNGRFU for the former Metro competition and POMRFU to merge under the Capital Rugby Union,” Druma said.
“The PNGRFU stands very clear on the issue of the NPC, for only one union per province and one team per province.”
Druma added that only unions recognised by the governing body would participate at the Lae event on September 14-16, and that the POMRFU did not come under that ‘eligible’ category.
POMRFU president Arnold Amet had written to his CRU counterpart John Beattie requesting the opportunity for POMRFU players to be considered for selection into the National Capital District team through the CRU, but the Feb 25 directive may have ultimately been the ‘hurdle’ getting the proposal past PNGRFU.
“It has been our hope that all clubs and players get the opportunity to represent, and we can only acknowledge the POMRFU’s intention and they are aware of our position.
“The position of the PNGRFU however is clear and that is something that CRU is bound to as a union of the governing body.
As much as we are about getting the kids, the players on the playing field, the PNGRFU has informed us of their stand,” Beattie said.
POMRFU president Arnold Amet admitted that he was aware of the Feb 25 directive, adding that the POMRFU’s request was only based on an offer made by the CRU.
“While there may have been merits in our decision for the competition, it all comes down to what was agreed to in the beginning, based on that directive,” Amet said.
“I respect the position of the CRU, they are subject to the PNGRFU.”
PNGRFU has basically put that down, and it is something that the CRU is subject to. I urge all POMRFU players to respect that decision by the CRU.”