Poor choice by Marum


THIS is the thing about Hunters coach Michael Marum’s surprising move.
The direct inclusion of Rabaul Gurias fullback Terry Wapi to the Hunters as fullback for this Sunday’s game is unrealistic.
Terry has never being drafted into the Hunters squad and has never being part of Hunters team and out of blue he will play his first game this Sunday.
What a joke!!
William Mone was drafted into the squad and was with the team for a year to become acquainted well with the environment without being given a game.
The surprising move by the coach to call Wapi into Hunters camp to play this Sunday is unbelievable and unrealistic move by the coach.
Had the coach spotted Wapi back then, he would have drafted him into Hunters camp earlier than now.
What a reckless decision and move.
Wake up coach.

Hunters Fun
Nick Tyson Bota