Poor choice by other paper to use Lupari as corruption columnist

Letters, Normal

The National

THE articles on corruption by Isaac Lupari left me with a very sour taste in my mouth.
To all of us, whether in Government or Opposition, who want to fight corruption and install good governance, the Post-Courier is doing a grave disservice.
There are many Papua New Guineans who could have written those articles but to choose Mr Lupari, the Post-Courier has shown it does not care about PNG. 
The Post-Courier’s memory seems to be very short.
Mr Lupari was detained at the Cairns airport with a large undeclared amount of money in 1998. 
With him was the wife of a businessman who was the recipient of an out of court settlement.
Mr Lupari was the secretary for Finance at that time. 
The Finance inquiry has summoned Mr Lupari several times in regard to contracts paid to him.
He was dismissed as chief secretary for having misled the Prime Minister into signing a letter to dismiss the Finance inquiry.
Using Mr Lupari to write a corruption column is cynical to the extreme and Post-Courier should be ashamed.
It should have waited for the Finance inquiry findings before using Mr Lupari as a columnist.


John Luke Crittin
Governor for Milne Bay