Poor coordination at registry

National, Normal

The National – Tuesday, December 14, 2010

THERE is lack of coordination between end-users and the civil registry office, thus leading to other problems relating to registration.
This was highlighted during the civil registration – end user consultative and awareness workshop yesterday.
The aim of the workshop was to find effective interfacing model with end-users on civil registration certificate and individual registration number in Papua New Guinea.
Participants at the workshop would share their knowledge, expertise and experiences in initiating and enhancing inter-agency collaboration on civil registration systems.
A consultant with civil registration Dickson Kiragi said civil registration is the best source for accurate and reliable statistics.
Kiragi said that registration did not work in isolation but rather conformed to the constitution.
He said civil registration connected to the national planning system, Medium Term Development Strategy, including the Millennium Development Goals.
He said it was the best source for accurate and reliable vital statistics that the government could use to plan for its people.
Kiragi said its primary role was to produce legal documents required by law such as registering names, births, change in civil status, adoption and others.
Meanwhile, the workshop also proposed  to identify linkages on the use of the individual civil registration number (ICRN) to authenticate individual identity.
ICRN is a coded number assigned to individuals through the civil registration coding system developed by the office and the CLRC last year.
Kiragi said ICRN was assigned to an individual at the time of birth and recorded at the time that an individual’s data was  entered into the system.