Poor decision by 72 members

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday 05th December 2011

I WAS dismayed when our young and educated lea­ders like Don Polye, James Marape and Sam Basil vo­ted for the proposed amendment to Equality and Participation Bill recently without going through proper debate and public scrutiny.
It was a poor decision by the 72 members of parliament.
This bill, in my opinion, will let the country down badly.
We are being conti­nuously deceived by fo­reign consultants on proposals that are not in the best interest of Papua New Guineans.
Women are a partner to men in making decisions but not women making decisions for men.
Yes, I agree PNG needs to adapt and adjusts its
go­vernance and leadership to meet world’s lea­der­ship and development trend.
But it must be done in a sustainable and reasonable manner.
Why is PNG, being a sovereign and democratic nation, trying to please the United Nations?
Our Constitution does not have clause or allow creation of reserve seats but promotes equal parti­cipation through the de­mocratic and formal vo­ting process of electing leaders.
Do we have to compromise our vibrant democracy for the sake of the Uni­ted Nations and foreign inte­rests?
There are many avenues for women to participate and realise their dreams, aspirations and potential.
We simply need quality and visionary leadership, not quantity by duplicating numbers.

Michael Drake Kapu
Komo-Margarima, Hela