Poor decision to buy Falcon

Letters, Normal

IT is very sad to hear and see the ignorance of this Government under the leadership of Sir Michael Somare and Sir Puka Temu.
The decision to go ahead and buy an expensive executive Falcon jet serves no one except a handful of leaders. 
Our leaders have no respect for the simple suffering people of PNG.
Mothers and children in the villages are dying from curable diseases and settlers in the urban areas are on the streets begging for food and money. 
Visit our remote villages and see how your people are suffering.
Unfortunately, this plane of yours cannot even take you there.
If you really have the heart for the people, take a walk along the streets of Port Moresby or drop into the Port Moresby General Hospital.
This is a reality check for you.
Spending K112 million on a plane that can carry only a handful of people is a selfish act.


Hopeless kid
Port Moresby