Poor delivery being addressed

Letters, Normal

The National – Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I REFER to the letter by “Erave Nakio” of Madang (The National, Dec 10).
The writer has missed the point raised by SHP Governor Anderson Agiru about the non-availability of medicine, ambulance, classrooms, science labs, staff houses, public servants, etc.
Agiru explained and clarified about the infrastructure projects that were to be funded through the Kutubu tax credit that his government approved during his previous reign as governor.
He explained that the projects were not implemented immediately by Oil Search Ltd after taking over the Kutubu operations from Chevron Texaco.
Oil Search may have delayed implementing the tax credit projects due to administrative or protocol changes, etc.
The writer and like-minded people need to understand the complexities involved in the administrative, procurement and governance issues such as tax credit programmes.
To get funding through the government and even donor agencies is not as easy and simple as one would like to believe. 
It is through hard work, time, knocking on doors and sheer determination.
The writer missed the point blaming Agiru over the lack of service delivery.
The appropriate authority tasked to oversee service delivery is the Southern Highlands provincial administration which, I believe, is gradually been addressed through the public service reorganisation process. 
It is true that service delivery standards have dropped to unprecedented levels.
The people themselves too are responsible for the absence of public servants and deteriorating state of facilities due to continued vandalism, harassment and declining levels of law and order.


Kali Walu