Poor drainage affects city homes

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The National- Tuesday, January 11, 2011


UPNG journalism student

THE rainy season has given the nation’s capital a much needed green and fresh look but on the downside it is causing havoc for some residents.

A group of residents in the Gordon area got a fright during last week’s heavy downpour.

Residents of Jabiru Drive went into a state of panic when an unusually bigger rush of water ran through their yards. 

What could be seen were the water tracks and the residents’ attempts to direct the flow away from their property. 

A resident, Grace Ikosi, and her son lined bricks and old tyres and whatever they could find to stop their place from being flooded. 

“Ever since the development of this place, heavy rains have caused flooding down the hill towards our homes,” she said. 

The Ikosis live at the foot of the hill where recent developments saw the clearing of trees and other vegetation.

Another resident Terry Boada’s home was also affected when flooded water went under his home where the water still remains to date.   

This is where the new road connecting Jackson Airport and Waigani is being built. 

With the constant rains, the soil had begun to erode.

The source of the problem is that the developer put a storm drain that directs the flow of water and comes out directly in front of the residential area.

“The main culvert is directly built towards our home,” Grace said.

An engineer from the Office of Rural Development Marus Gemo, who was at the site, said the developers did not consider proper drainage system.

He suggested the developers should put up a permanent concrete wall to stop the water from flowing towards the residential areas. 

“Drain reserve was not meant to be build directly around the residential areas; they would have connected it to the main drain reserve which was three houses away from those affected.” 

Soil sediments carried down from the mountain were already threatening to spill onto the street and houses on the other side and causing potholes on the road.

Residents had to put up with fast-deteriorating goods aided by the rain. 

The concerned residents are calling on the respective construction company to look into this matter as it was causing a lot of damage to homes. 

Company officials refused to comment when The National called for comments yesterday morning.