Poor hygiene is cause of cholera outbreak

Letters, Normal

The National

Lambutina and Nambariwa are two vastly populated villages along with other hamlets inhabited by the Sio people in Wasu LLG, Tewai-Siassi district. 
Almost all households in these villages do not have a toilet. 
After the kiap era where hygiene used to be strictly observed, these people have been using the bushes and sea when nature calls.
The locals did not heed the calls by the Government and church leaders to practise proper health care.
Producing and consuming illegal substances like drugs and homebrew are rampant in these villages.  
Stealing from gardens and other petty crimes are rampant and widespread as there is no law and order.
Disaster was waiting to happen and it did.
I am sorry for the ill-equipped and unprepared staff of Etep rural hospital as they were the nearest to ground zero.
I commend our new young doctor Ule Mongo (OIC), nursing officers and CHWs for putting up a brave fight against a dangerous epidemic caused by sheer stupidity and ignorance.