Poor organisation by Miss SP organisers

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The National Monday, December 13, 2010

I WOULD like to record my disappointment with the organising committee of the recent Miss South Pacific pageant.
Although this was the first time PNG hosted the event, there was no excuse for the poor organisation.
Had it not been for the generosity of certain individuals, the float procession would not have taken place.
Certain communities had to pay for their own vehicles and source materials at the last minute to decorate them.
Former reigning queen Merewalesi Nailatikau was put on board a SP Brewery truck which had a band blaring away.
What an insult.
Luckily, the Fiji chaperone spotted this and quickly invited Nailatikau on Fiji float.
What a sham by the organisers.
There was no consideration for the then reigning Miss South Pacific queen.
She should have been allocated a separate float representing the whole South Pacific region.
She deserved a formal apology.
Despite the sweltering heat, all the contestants conducted themselves graciously.
I applaud them for their patience. 


Proud South Pacific citizen
Via email