Poor parents need help


I represent thousands out there who are struggling to make ends meet with the little that we earn from our fortnightly wages.
We have great dreams for our children, just like all parents
We want them to attend good schools and be successful in life.
With the current economic situation we are facing, cost of living has increased but our wages are not changing.
This is where the NCD School Fee Assistance Programme is a salvation for many of us parents who fall in this category.
We thank NCD Governor Powes Parkop for this great initiative to assist parents like us.
However, can the good governor’s office please clarify why some schools have received their full assistance while others have not.
I keep calling the officers in charge of this section but am always being told that funds have run out.
It goes to show that this system is not efficient and accurate.
There is no proper planning and budget for this programme.
We now hear that application forms for next year are being released when this year’s commitments have not been fulfilled.
Please clarify.

Disappointed Guardian