Poor planning and installation by PPL costs life

Letters, Normal

I WAS shocked and sad over the death of my young nephew Jefferson Kaulupa.
And to see the picture of his anguished father sitting on the dirt mourning his death (Feb 22) is excruciating.
Jefferson was popular among the people in Morata 2 because of his vivaciousness and was a link between Pangia and Laiagam people.
I used to live in Morata 2 for the last 10 years and I have seen power lines continuously falling off along this section, just in front of Kaulupa trade store.
It is normal to go without power for a day or two before PNG Power fixes the lines and restores power.
PNG Power is aware of this and should have resolved this problem.
On behalf of the community and all the uncles throughout PNG, I extend our condolences to George, Rose and Jefferson’s five older brothers, and the Kaulupa family.
We are with you in this time of mourning and we pray the Good Lord will comfort you all.


Hobert Poria
Mt Hagen