Poor reporting unconstitutional


I SUPPORT the concern raised by the Department of Implementation and Rural Development (DIRD) secretary Aihi Vaki of poor reporting of district services improvement programme (DSIP) funds and district support grant (DSG).
This is very incompetent and unconstitutional for district administrators to present such incomplete reports.
The question is, do they qualify for these very prestigious position in the district?
Are they really confident about what they are presenting on the paper?
Such incomplete reports indicate corruption and mismanagement of public funds.
It is better to investigate districts that produce poor reports by DIRD or Ombudsman Commission (OC).
These administrators only produce “paper projects” and not the real projects in the districts.
As indicated by the DIRD secretary, they spent a lot of money on travel allowances, hire cars and accommodations.
Too much money on the means and the purpose is fruitless.
I appeal to the department to reveal those districts that produced incomplete reports for their citizens to see.
This will help promote transparency and accountability on how each district is managing their DSIP and DSG funds.
These are public funds so let us not hide things.
Let everybody see and know how funds are used and there are actual evidence seen in the district.

Emba Saks,


  • DIRD has to do few reforms in legislation and regulation in some areas to solve issues.

  • DDAs are presenting made up reports that are NOT true to cover up the real. DSIP funds are spent at the discretion of the MP. Therefore, goes to his supporters, of the past and yet to come 2022 games

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