Poor resources major obstacle as police try to keep Christmas safe


POLICE operations in Morobe during the festive season will be badly affected due to a lack of logistics and manpower, rural police commander Chief Inspector David Warap, pictured, says.
“Morobe is the biggest province in the country but we have very limited logistics to carry out our operations effectively,” he said.
We have problems like a shortage of fuel for our vehicles as we cannot travel to all the rural areas to do our work.”
Warap said it would be helpful if all the districts in Morobe chipped in funds to assist police during the Christmas and New Year operations.
“Police response is very poor in most rural areas as it is very hard for us to travel to remote areas to attend to cases. Places like Burum Kuat in Finschhafen don’t have any police presence so law and order is a big issue there,” he said.
Warap highlighted that their logistics and manpower were stretched unlike other provinces so it was very difficult to perform their duties effectively.
Warap suggested that the provincial government should consider imposing a liquor ban throughout the province to minimise law and order issues.
“Maintaining law and order is a big challenge for Morobe police but we will perform our duties effectively despite limited logistical and financial support,” he said.
Warap also called on law and order committees, village elders and parents to assist police in minimising homebrew consumption this festive season.
“Consumption of homebrew is a very big problem for youths in Morobe so everyone is urged to do what they can to assist police in minimising consumption of homebrew for a safe and peaceful festive season,” he said.