Poor road conditions hold back projects in Bulolo: Gwambelek

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THE poor road conditions are holding back projects in various local level governments of Bulolo in Morobe, says administrator Tae Gwambelek.
Gwambelek said labour and road-upgrading machines were at Elahuru fixing the damaged sections of the Wau-Biaru road.
One of the roads is fixed, he said, building materials to construct a new health post at Biaru and a high school for communities in the Wau Rural LLG would be delivered.
Bulolo MP Sam Basil said road maintenance and rehabilitation were being carried out.
“If you have travelled lately on the road, you will see our team there. But parts destroyed by locals delayed the getting of machines back into operation. We may start in early March,” Basil said.
Gwambelek confirmed that the Bulolo district works unit was deployed this month after the provincial government gave K500,000. The district has allocated K38,000 for wages.
The Kaiaworks Civil Engineering and Contractors is undertaking the K4.7 million Bulolo town road sealing.
The JB Construction Company is surveying and allotting 1000 blocks to resettle 110 displaced settlers costing K300,000.
The PNG Forest Product is also building a new Bulolo rural hospital.
“District development authority also endorsed the construction of pilot track from Sim to link Garaina valley this year” Gwambelek said.