Poor roads add to ‘cost’

Normal, Papua

The National, Tuesday July 16th, 2013

 PEOPLE in Manus are paying to vote in the local level government elections, a local says.

Anthony Lilou said this in Kokopo after returning from Manus recently.

He said while development was slow, people continued to spend more on goods and services.

He said poor road conditions throughout the province had contributed to poor transport services.

Lilou said that had affected the people for years and they continued to pay more on PMV fares to move around.

He said with very few highway trucks serving more than one village in the province, voters who had been travelling to polling areas to vote had been paying more.

He said voters from Lorengau to Kawaliap paid K24 return, while children paid K12 return to accompany their parents to polling areas.

Lilou said it was shocking to see the trucks that could accommodate 30 passengers carrying double the number during the election period.

“The road conditions are very poor. There is only one PMV truck operating on the Worei route. It costs K15 for adults and K7.50 for children to travel one way from Tawi village to Lorengau town, a total of K30 for adults and K15 for children on a return trip,” he said.

Lilou said it was time for the elected LLG leaders to “make a difference” and work closely with the provincial administration to bring services to the people.