Poor roadwork


THE Morobe provincial works had recently engaged a local contractor in doing minor road maintenance and culvert works along the Igam-Homaru road. Work started in March and is still ongoing.
The quality of work produced is worse than other contractors who have done the same work in the past.
Both culverts and roadwork are very poor.
Culverts have been destroyed by floods and incomplete work can be seen.
This shows poor work performance.
I don’t know how such contractor was engaged.
Also, there is a bridge that collapsed four years ago and has never been fixed yet road maintenance has taken place.
How can you access the road when you have a collapsed bridge?
The communities living along the Igam-Homaru road are urging the administrator to direct the provincial works to inspect this roadwork and bridge.
Build a new bridge.

Concerned Morobe citizen,
Igam-Homaru Road

One thought on “Poor roadwork

  • Poor road work is the result of wantok system contract engagement. Good lesson to learn and do things right and lets stop corrupt dealings. Only time will catch up with those behind such arrangements.

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