Poor service delivery in NIP

Letters, Normal

The National – Tuesday, July 5, 2011

THE New Ireland provincial government needs to identify, plan and prioritise the needs of its people and spend funds on impact projects.
What is urgently needed is infrastructure development.
Every other form of development will fall in place when physical infrastructure like maintenance and building of new classrooms, teachers’ houses, health facilities, roads, bridges, etc. 
Namatanai town is crowded with people but lack adequate shopping centres and services.
Namatanai Hospital needs maintenance and the Sohun hydro is not providing inadequate power supply.
The islanders need proper and regular sea transport services to ferry copra and passengers to do business on the mainland.
I appreciate free education in the province but how will teaching staff perform their duties effectively when they live in appalling conditions?
The same applies to the students.
How do you expect them to perform when they live and study in an environment not conducive to learning?
The road condition from West Coast Central, West Coast Namata­nai and Susurunga to Las Kona is in a bad shape with no maintenance.
Sir Julius Chan and his son Byron are buying trucks and distributing them to schools and communities.
But these trucks will not last long due to poor road condition.
Small projects like building toilets and cash handouts to people living with disabilities do not impact much on the people’s lives.
Namatanai district is probably the only district in the country with two gold mines – Lihir and Simberi.
It should be booming with infrastructure development in all forms but there is nothing to show for it.
The Chan dynasty has ruled Nama­tanai for more than three decades but how far have we moved in terms of development?


Maris Tagu