Poor servicing by motor firm unacceptable

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The National, Thursday July 4th, 2013

 I BOUGHT my 25-seater coas-ter bus at a motor dealer in Madang in February and brought it back to the dealer for a “C” service to be carried out in June because it had been running up and down the Highlands Highway.

The service consists of a 44-point check including brake pads and to inspect, adjust or report and replace other vital parts.

It took two days for the service to be completed and I was billed a total of K1939.80 which I paid in full.  

I then put the bus back into operation on the Madang to Mt Hagen route. 

When the bus was on the road heading to Mt Hagen, the driver phoned me to say 

that the brakes were working poorly.

I told him, it could not be possible because the vehicle was just serviced.

The driver skilfully brought the bus back to Madang. 

I contracted a mechanic to check the brakes and discovered that the servicing by the motor dealer did not appear to have been completed.  

The brake pads were completely worn out beyond repair.  

I also checked the other parts and discovered many discrepancies. The bearings were not greased, fuel filter was not replaced, clutch was not adjusted and other service points were not checked.

I bought a  new set of brakes for K300.00 for the bus     

I complained to the management at the service centre and reported what I discovered but the woman at the counter told me to fill in a service survey form.   

I trusted them to do a better job, paid for the service as requested and expected a better service.  

Their action compromised the safety of the passengers and my PMV business. For a reputable company, this is not acceptable. 


Tony Charles