Poor show by Team Gulf

Letters, Normal

IT was sad that Team Gulf picked up only one medal and that too from a teenager based in Port Moresby.
I thought we could do better as we had access to NCD unlike other provinces.
I have several questions which I hope Team Gulf officials can answer:
How was the selection for athletes done?
Why was there no provincial games to shortlist athletes before the PNG Games started?
Was it too expensive?
If they were, why didn’t the provincial sports administration organised districts level competitions to identify athletes for PNG Games?
To my disappointment, Team Gulf was made up mostly East Kerema, local Kerema and Malalaua town residents.
They do not represent the whole of Gulf province.
I feel sorry for talented athletes from other parts of the province who missed out.
Gulf province is known for producing some of country’s best athletes.
However, the athletes picked for the recent games were a disappointment and they have let the province down badly.
I call on the MPs of the province to develop sports rather than sponsoring teams in NCD or elsewhere.
I believe Team Gulf can do better in the next games but talented athletes must be selected.


Mangi Baiso
Via email