Poor tackling a disgrace


The current Hunters players are a disgrace to the die-hard fans. Coach Michael Marum should train the players to be more aggressive in defence. The defence is very weak. The opponents are wrestling them in the match and they lose balls and get fatigued.
The current Hunters players don’t know how to tackle. They are weak and are not aggressive in defence.
The opponents are big and because of that the Hunters should make gang-tackles and tackle low around the legs.
Hunters players should watch NRL matches to see how big guys tackle opponents around the legs and take them to the ground.
Hunters tackle weak and have no impact. Often they stand and wait for the opponents to run into them instead of them running into the opponents to tackle.
In attack, the Hunters do not even gain many metres compared to their opponents. The game of rugby league is about gaining metres and going over the advantage line.
In a set, the Hunters gain less than 20 metres and that is not good enough.
Coach Marum should train the Hunters to be more aggressive in their tackling.

Die hard