Pope calls on church to meditate


POPE Francis urged Catholics to meditate on the final judgement at a Mass offered on Monday for the souls of cardinals and bishops who died within the past year.
“Saint Ignatius suggests, before making an important decision, to imagine oneself before God at the end of days,” Pope Francis said in his homily in St Peter’s Basilica, Nov 4.
“Every life choice confronted with that perspective is well oriented, because it is closer to the resurrection, which is the meaning and purpose of life.”
Pope Francis then quoted St Ignatius’ Spiritual Exercises: “Considering how I will find myself on the day of judgement, think how I would have decided about the present thing, and the rule I would like to have kept then, take it now.”
The Mass, celebrated at the Altar of the Chair, was offered for the repose of the souls of 13 cardinals and 147 bishops who died between Oct. 2018-19.

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