Poponawa’s silence will lead to own downfall

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday 06th of March, 2014

I REFER  to  the recent letter about Tambul-Nebilyer MP Benjamin Poponawa, who has been very quiet since he claimed the seat.
His first term actions led to his second term win.
It took a solid five years for the people to have confidence in him.
But this time, they are losing  their  confidence and trust in him and are questioning whether they have  done the right thing by voting for him.
In his first term, he came full swing with services, but this term is different.
He is very silent over issues and the people are questioning if he will ever come home to launch his district projects.
Silence is a vast enemy of reputation and he should not continue to procrastinate as he is losing the confidence and trust of voters.
We have educated professionals  that  specialise in their respective fields.
We want to see contracts awarded to legally-recognised companies.
There is a rumour that contracts are awarded to unqualified businessmen who are largely, if not wholly, owned by his own Yano Yameme tribe.
It this is true, it is a blow to the face of other tribesmen and voters in the district.
Poponawa is not thinking strategically and thus, planning his own downfall.
He must come out of his hausman mentality immediately if he is to prosper as a leader.
Come out clear and transparently, and heal the frustrated and hurt majority who  are  most  likely at the verge of allying with other upcoming leaders.
As  a word of caution to the member; bear in mind that your silence is doing more damage to your hard-earned reputation that you have ever thought.

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