Population growth demands more services, says Abel

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The National, Friday July 19th, 2013

 POPULATION growth is a key factor demanding increased basic services, Parliament was told yesterday. 

National Planning and Monitoring Minister Charles Abel (right) said the Government recognised the growing demands of services in the country and identified population growth as the key factor in planning, budgeting and delivering services. 

Abel expressed concern about the lack of attention by previous governments on planning for population growth and assured MPs that his department would address the issue. 

“Fundamentally demands come from more children and mouths to feed. The population is increasing at a rate we are not managing and therefore it is very important that we must address it now,” he said.

“The government through my department is reviewing the development strategic plan that will introduce new strategic approaches to the planning process. We are becoming more strategic where to address the demands we look at the underlying causes of this problem,” he said. 

The minister urged MPs to work together to address the issue.