Porgera is resource rich, says MP

National, Normal

Then National, Wednesday 12th September, 2012

LAIGAM-Porgera member Nixon Mangape says Porgera is the leading resource rich area with all the necessary government services unlike other places in the country.
He said as chairman of a government-sanctioned development authority in the district, he made sure Porgera Development Authority delivered government services to the district over the past 20 years.
Mangape said this yesterday when responding to a report on the law and order problems in Porgera which had escalated due to lack of government services.
He said the government’s basic services in Porgera had been funded by the authority and people should take ownership of it.
“I have delivered so many projects in Porgera before becoming a member,” he said.
Mangape warned the people of Pogera to stop making unfounded allegations to tarnish his reputation.