Porgera landowners slam mine review

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The National – Friday, December 3, 2010

PORGERA landowners in Enga have called on their MP Philip Kikala to stop making political gimmick but come to the core issue of assisting the landowners and the people.
The landowners led by chairman Tony Mark Ekepa said although they supported the MP’s call for the Porgera mine review, they did not support the idea of freezing the sale of the 5% equity with Mineral Resource Enga.
They said of the 5% equity, 2.5% was owned by the provincial government while the other 2.5% was owned by the Porgera land owners.
They said the idea of freezing the sale of shares could not be compromised by the director and the shareholder who had all the authority and not an issue for the MP to come out on the media.
Ekepa said the directors were all Porgera landowners and it was their decision during their annual general meeting to do so and not the MP’s wish.
He said they supported the MP to review the MoA as many issues like the youths and the second and third generation had not been included in the MoA.
Ekapa said other issues like the resettlement exercise and other benefits was a priority needed to be address and the MP should used some money from his DSIP to fund the review than trying to use the opportunity for political gain.