Pori project needs consultative discussions

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday November 6th, 2013

 ON behalf of the Pori people, I call on those who are initiating the Pori district development project, especially on the Haya and Kutage clans to ensure prior to project start, consultative discussions should be held. 

Pori does not have mineral resources like electorates in Hela and that is why Hela MPs  excluded Pori from any indirect benefits from LNG projects.  

The MP for Tari-Pori, James Marape in his last term and even this term neglected the Pori people by not developing any sector, even the people’s expectation on education failed too. 

This means that land is the only resource that is and will sustain Pori people today and in future. 

As such, consultative discussions should be held to pose the questions surrounding the project such as who will own the land. 

Is it the affected landowners or the project initiators? 

This question is a must as we are yet to know the clarification on this. 

Furthermore, how the affected landowners will maximise the benefits from the project? 

Land is the only resource that will sustain the future of Pori people and if the land is given away, then how is this project going to sustain the future of Pori? 

However, if the land on which the project will develop is going  to lease by the government, then what is the plan for ensuring cash flow circulating in the district?  

Who is going to manage the landowners’ royalties? 

Failure to embrace these and other questions on the project will lead to disrupting the project as usual in any project. 

Simple questions must be included in the project if you would be the first MP ever since independence to develop Pori.


Pori Nane