Port Moresby’s city rangers are boorish

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The National – Tuesday, February 1, 2011

IT is so disgusting to see that city rangers are rude towards street vendors.
Although they are doing a fine job to ensure that our city is clean and a healthy place to live in, their behaviour and strong-arm tactics towards the vendors are deplorable.
We know that almost three-quarters of the population living in the National Capital District are unemployed and depending entirely on informal sector activities.
And ignoring this fact and denying the rights of this vast unemployed population are unacceptable and immoral.
I am therefore appealing to the people concerned to put in place some alternative to allow our poor  vendors to sell their products to earn their living instead of mistreating them and destroying their small markets.
Also, I am making a plea to the city hall authorities to ensure that the city ranger employees are properly coached and guided so that they do not act like hooligans.


FM solo
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